Cayugasoft Technologies LLC is a custom software development company that works with entrepreneurial companies and medium-sized businesses to create outstanding software products at a reasonable cost. We bring a US-style, agile approach to offshore software development. Our approach, and our years of experience with entrepreneurial companies, makes us ideal for clients who want to quickly create a new, high-quality software product, and for established companies that want to extend their onshore software development team with dedicated, highly-skilled resources.


Mike Sadowski

Mike has been involved with New York area venture-backed software companies since the late 1990’s, as a VP of Product, and CTO. He still remembers when VCs were (briefly) valuing companies based on a multiple of the number of engineers they had.
Today, Mike’s interests include mobile business applications (especially in the area of logistics and supply-chain management), mobile gaming, and the Internet of Things.


Eugene Polyansky

Eugene is a design maven and dreamer. He has a rare combination of technology and design expertise, having once worked as a creative designer in the Advertising industry.  He’s also an experienced IT project manager and leads our development team. Today, Eugene spends much of his time on building our team and optimizing our development processes.