Tuzag is a platform for publishers, advertisers, brands and media companies. It allows Ads to be built dynamically using different wording and pictures for different consumers. The main goal of the product is to reach out to consumers with the best ad for them, by tailoring ads to individuals instead of targeting ads at audiences.

The challenge was to develop a flexible tool to allow non-technical users to create complex ads, based on various ad “conditions”.

An Ad, in this case, is not a single object, but rather a dynamically generated combination of picture and text, generated on the fly, taking into account the known characteristics of the end user.

Tuzag supports the whole cycle of interaction between marketing people and writers, by giving them a user-friendly interface for creating their work; and designers, giving them the ability to use standard tools like PhotoShop, and transmit their work to the system with just one click.


This product is a result of tight and effective collaboration between Cayugasoft Technologies and our partner TangoSquared. Being an experienced UI/UX team, TangoSquared provided us with the design specification and user experience use cases, while Cayugasoft concentrated on technology and product development in Python/Django.


9 months




Rest Framework

Mongo DB


The system provides a structure for managing the Ad creation process within a company, with functionality for various roles in the process:

  • Manager,
  • Writer,
  • Designer;

Super admin role (admin part) gives permissions to CRUD data without a loss and without contacting DB manually.

Photoshop plugin was created which allows the automation of designers’ work during ad design and development, and then lets the designer proceed and transmit data (more than 50k layers) to the system;

Platform for formulating users preferences was developed. Given this information, the system can show the most suitable ad to the end user.

Admin panel allows the formulation of a list of questions of different types (single, derived, computed by an algorithm), and based on the answers, the system can calculate target user preferences and show the user a particular ad with particular combinations of text and pictures.

It was a great journey to work on such a handful web platform that is actively used now. Our team has accomplished the goals of the client to deliver the stable performing product that was ready to go to the market right away. Our Python experts were assigned to building the new web application for French startup, but that’s another story for the new case we’ll be sharing with you soon.

We’d love to take new challenges now. If we can help you with your projects just drop us a line!