Here is a case study on open source Business Intelligence (BI), built using Pentaho BI tools.  We’ve taken data from US Census related to imports and exports out of the USA.  This is open source data—anyone can go to the Census website and access this data.  However, it’s just data, and US Census does not provide it in a way that’s easy to analyze.  That’s where BI tools come in.

We took the data and transformed it into a format that allows reports and dashboards to be easily created. Watch this brief video to see a dashboard view of imports and exports from the US.  You can toggle between imports and exports, and each dashboard metric lets you select a parameter such as the year, or the country of origin (for imports to the US) or the destination country (for exports from the US).

Here’s another brief video that shows another tool for viewing the US Census trade data. We’ve transformed the data to allow a drill down on the industry trade categories of the imports and exports. These categories are called NAICS codes, and they are a standard way of categorizing products.  These codes are nested, so our BI tools let you drill down from Agricultural Products and Livestock Products (NAICS code 11), down to Agricultural Products (111), down to Oilseeds and Grains (1111), and then Soy Beans (11111). Sounds simple, right? Well, it’s not so simple if you just take the native US Census data.  You need a BI Engineer to transform that data to make it easy to see this drill down into the data.

If you’d like to login and play with these demos, please contact us and we’ll send you a link with a guest login!

Contact us to discuss your BI situation. Open source BI tools and our onshore/offshore approach let us do most development in Eastern Europe, with very skilled resources. With this approach, we can deliver a great BI system for a fraction of the services costs you might expect, and with zero software licensing costs!