No wonder the classic card game, Blackjack, is so popular among mobile gamers.  It’s fun for newcomers, but old hands know it requires a quick wit and a real strategy, not just a stroke of luck.

WildTangent is a US-based game network which partners with PC manufacturers, including HP and Dell, to deliver game services. While producing their own games and apps, WildTangent also works with 3rd-party game developers.

WildTangent reached out to Сayugasoft to help them create a mobile Blackjack game, and integrate it with WildTangent’s big casino project.

To make the Blackjack game enjoyable for mobile gamers,  Cayugasoft and WildTangent decided to dedicate an essential part of the development time to creating special animations, which play an important role in the game.

Though the animations are simple, such as the movement of the cards (dealing the cards, turning a face-down card face-up, and vice versa), the game has a lot of these, and we felt that they help differentiate the game. So our team proposed to use HOTween, a tween plugin that lets us create sequences of tweens controlled as a single animation.  The plugin is optimized to make the animations run rapidly and smoothly.

Additionally, 2D Toolkit is an excellent solution for working with 2D graphics. It provides the ability to quickly create atlases (also called sprite sheets) to work with sprites and to choose their type (sliced, clipped, tiled, animated). Thus, you can rapidly design not only game graphics, but you are also able to create a menu sketch for a game, applying a built-in user interface controller.

To integrate the game into a casino project, the WildTangent team developed a special class that would call the necessary methods to communicate with the social functions of the game (player profile, experience, and so on). Cayugasoft then integrated the class easily and quickly.

Check out the game!


Online card games are classics that mobile players return to again and again.  WildTangent, with Cayugasoft’s help, has been successful at building a business in this area of mobile gaming by consistently providing new innovations in classic games.  

Please let us know about your gaming project or other mobile development project, and we’ll help you deliver a great product!

(с) All screenshots used with permission from WildTangent, Inc. 


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