The Apple Watch provides an opportunity to explore new ways of interacting with users. We decided to build a sample weather app for the Apple watch. The app detects the watch wearer’s location, and retrieves the local weather from the US NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Studies have shown that NOAA is more accurate than your local weatherman or other weather services.

The main challenge was to develop an application from scratch, for a device that was brand new to the market. Initially, the ability for Apple Watch developers to create their own apps was poor and restricted, and that caused some difficulties with UI and the implementation of app features.

For example in Watch OS 1, it’s possible to build an interface only in IB (interface builder). This means we can’t set fonts, alignment, size, background color or any other property, and even more, we can’t check these properties from our code.

The other thing that caused difficulties is layout, which is completely different from iOS layout: we can’t put objects on top of one another, and that means that we were not able to work with layers (i.e., you can’t put text on a picture).

Recently Apple released Watch OS 2 and Watch OS 3, which are completely different from Watch OS 1 and give us less restrictions and more power.