Health Care Project

nTreatment EHR (Electronic Health Record) asked Cayugasoft to assist in building sophisticated iOS mobile apps that help doctors manage their communications and scheduling with patients. nTreatment is an integrated EHR and practice management application for mental health practitioners, which consists of two applications: one for doctors and one for patients.


The main challenge was to jump into an ongoing project and quickly create a solid mobile product. Cayugasoft assigned one full time native iOS developer, a project manager, and a part-time QA engineer, who worked on this project for 4 months.

Doctor’s application

The first app within this healthcare system is for providers – doctors. It covers most of the doctors’ needs in their day-to-day work: a private system for messaging with patients, patients’ profiles, the ability to associate test results with a particular patient, a to-do list, a list of requests to drugstores, and the ability to manage their daily or monthly schedule. All the information in the app is always up to date because we were using background fetch, iOS technology which allows application to sync in the background.

A key feature that we implemented was the calendar. It allows doctors to create or cancel appointments with a patient, write comments for a particular appointment, and turn on/off email notifications for upcoming appointments. Also, the doctor has the ability to block off calendar time, making a time slot unavailable for patient visits.

Companion application for patients

A second (companion) app was created for patients. It’s a simple app that helps them easily view and schedule appointments, and communicate with their doctor(s). For internal direct messaging between patients and doctors (with the ability to attach photos to the message), we used the JSQMessagesViewController component.

With this project, Cayugasoft was able to quickly get up-to-speed on an existing software product, and add a set of highly functional mobile apps.  We used off the shelf technologies, where appropriate, such as JSQMessagesViewController, in order to provide a quick time-to-market for the mobile products, and to provide reliable apps, with minimal technology risk.

Doctor’s App

Companion App