A corporate social network is a tool that allows all of a company’s communication processes to occur in one place. It is created for the employees of the company, for internal use. The Social Network lets users create a user profile, edit profile information, share news and images through the news wall, send each other private messages, and become a member of different groups. A distinctive feature of this Social Network the use of gamification, which allows users to connect business communications with game incentives. Users get badges for certain achievements – either for something big and significant or for some everyday success. All the badges have their value and users get points for every badge. There is a store where all these points can be exchanged for some material or nonmaterial prizes.

A fun aspect of gamification is that every user has a unique nickname, or title, taken from popular movies, cartoons, or games. Every title corresponds to the user’s level of experience, and there is the list of requirements for moving to the next level.

The Game-based Social Network helps employees to raise their productivity since they are coaxed to work to get the next level of achievement and status. This type of competition is fun for the employees but also helps to increase the effectiveness of the company.

The main features of the Game-based Social Network are:

– user profile with all the personal information, including location

– administrative control panel

– name and logo of the company

– current position and title

– list of the requirements for moving up to a new level in the game

– news wall with ability to share news and images

– messaging between users

– friend list (add to your friends, send friend requests)

– groups

– badges and points for achievements

– store to purchase prizes

– lists of all badges, store items, and levels, with requirements

– V.I.P. users

Cayugasoft created the entire platform with a back-end built with Yii, and a front-end using jQuery, HTML, and CSS. Contact us for the details and ideas discussion for your Corporate Network creation.