Cayugasoft created a web and mobile document management solution for DocuGain and helped their customers to see ROI of 35% in the first 6 months.  

Cayugasoft, the partner of DocuGain from early days, is helping to build the product from the idea validation to development and support of the first users.  

The vision is to build a new document management solution that takes advantage of cloud storage and a strong user interface, allowing customers to replace legacy document management products, at a fraction of the cost. Early customers are experiencing cost reductions to 60%, and have seen ROI of 35% in terms of process efficiencies and clerical staff reduction.

DocuGain is a lightweight DM solution targeting SMBs, allowing its customers to store and retrieve documents with the help of metadata.

Target markets: Logistics, Legal, and other document-heavy industries.

Work done:

  • Market research | In-depth interviews | Usability testing;
  • UI/UX | Wireframes | Clickable prototype
  • Development Plan/Product Roadmap for the 1st year | Tech Architecture | Web | Mobile | Agile | Scrum
  • Tech stack: Node. js | Mongo DB | Elastic search | Apache Tika | Rabbit MQ| Swift
  • Testing: Acceptance| Load | Smoke | Performance

Team: BA| Product Owner | Product UI/UX designer | Scrum Master | QA engineer | Web developer | Mobile developer

Duration: Summer 2017 – Present

The beginning

Cayugasoft product team follows the following script prior to any dev work:

  • Work with the client to analyze the niche, and research competitive products;
  • Define potential markets and perform several depth interviews, which provides an understanding of the main pain points in the industry
  • Polish the concept, and create visuals, such as clickable prototypes;
  • Perform usability testing using the prototypes to prove out the approach

Having gained some understanding of the business domain, we found a couple of visionary document management consultants and asked them for in-depth interviews prior to any development work. This provided  invaluable insights into the pain points of customers for existing document management products:

  • High costs of existing DM solutions: upfront fees and maintenance
  • Customers mainly use old-fashioned solutions which are overloaded with unneeded features
  • Weak cloud offerings
  • Absence of mobile apps

With common complaints of document management users in mind, we had enough materials to work out a product concept…

One of the challenge was the cost of on-premise storage. Storage Area Networks have come down in price, but are still expensive, and setting up the same equipment in a disaster recovery site is even more costly. Cloud storage providers offered a solution so customers can get low-cost storage that’s secure and provides disaster recovery built in.

Cayugasoft researched the API capabilities of the major cloud storage providers. Based on this, and discussions with DocuGain prospects, Google, Box, and Microsoft were chosen as the initial targets.

Recently Cayugasoft gained official Google Technology partner status. 

Customer Development Process

The team had to perform usability testing with end customers to prove the idea and UI/UX. The team worked with prototypes, observing the behavior of a test user group. The main idea was to ensure users could complete the tasks they were assigned, and especially focus on the mobile app, since the mobile experience is something new for DM, and most users lacked experience working with DM software on mobile devices.  


Read more about Usability testing in our recent blog post.

screen from testing

Product Road map and development plan

Cloud APIs: Integration with Google Drive, Box and One Drive from Microsoft;

Resistant to Loads: average customer 500k docs with X search requests per sec

Roadmap for 14 sprints including 0 sprint for architecture = 7 dev months

Modern design

Web UI, Admin panel, iOS Mobile app

Customer development Phase

Features of the product:

  • Metadata-based document search;
  • Text search of document contents;
  • Document preview and download;
  • Docs sharing;
  • Upload a new document, and assign metadata;
  • Import documents automatically from external systems;
  • Offline access to documents (mobile)

Administration capabilities (web):

  • Create users and assign roles;
  • Define user roles and permissions;
  • Set up document types and metadata.


The Cayugasoft team delivered a solid MVP within 6 months, including both web and mobile applications. DocuGain’s first clients – a medium-sized Logistics company – achieved these results during the first 6 months of usage:

  • 25% reduction in clerical staff (with the associated budgetary savings)
  • 2 day improvement in time-to-cash (by having drivers uploading proof of delivery documents via the mobile app for key customers)

Future plans for DocuGain:

  • Several web and mobile UI enhancements, based on user analytics and feedback;
  • Support for Amazon storage and Dropbox.