HIPAA software compliance tips

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We’ve been working on several healthcare application development projects for both web and mobile.  We’d  love to show some detailed case studies once the new products are live, but for now, we’ve analyzed the specifics of web development in this business vertical and have some tips on developing  HIPAA compliant software:


Transport Encryption – Encryption in the interaction of system components. E.g. the front end or mobile app should communicate with backend by encrypted channel. In the case of HTTP it’s HTTPS. In any other case, you can use such algorithms as RSA to encrypt and decrypt data.


Backup – Data from all possible sources must be additionally stored somewhere and there should always be the possibility of recovering this data. Please pay attention to the point below called Storage Encryption. Backups should also be well-encrypted and there should be no possibility to “pull” something out of them and there should be no possibility to override the data (see Integrity).


Authorization – This one is pretty simple. All data that falls under the notion of “medical information” should not be publicly available. To access such data, you need to be authorized.


Integrity – It should be impossible for an unauthorized person to swap data. Encryption can help. You can also shoot hashes with information and store this somewhere far away from the data itself, in order to compare hashes with the information itself from time to time to ensure nothing has been changed..


Storage Encryption Medical data must be securely encrypted. In the case of backups, it is very important that they also be encrypted.


Disposal – The data owner must be able to permanently delete his medical data.


Hosting – Hosting for the server must also meet certain requirements. If you’re using a hosting service provider, they should not have access to your data. If this is a self-hosted server, then even you should not be able to read the medical data of the owner.

So, to sum up, you should keep these pointers in mind when working on a HIPAA compliant healthcare app.

If you’d like to discuss your healthcare software application development plans with us, and get a free quote, please contact us.


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