Years ago, when Internet video first emerged, the technology seemed like magic. It was a challenging technology to master, and the results were still grainy, jerky, and unreliable. But just seeing Internet video, as primitive as it was, made us imagine the exciting applications that might one day result. Today, Internet video is everywhere. The quality is great, and huge new businesses are being built on Internet video. And even if you’re not an Internet video pure-play, you need to consider how to incorporate Internet video into your operations and marketing, in order to keep pace with your competitors.

The emergence of out-of-the-box video servers such as Wowza, have enabled exciting new video applications, which can be developed at a very reasonable price. Cayugasoft has provided this post to illustrate how custom video applications can be created quickly, and at a reasonable cost using a combination of custom code, and off-the-shelf technology.
A client asked Cayugasoft to create a cloud-based system for managing a network of specialized video chat/surveillance devices. Cayugasoft also developed a web application and mobile apps that allow users to communicate with the video-chat devices. Cayugasoft helped the client architect the system, which is shown in the diagram below.

The video-chat devices connect to users’ WiFi networks.  A cloud-based server application built using PHP and MySQL stores user credentials, and facilitates connections to Wowza, a commercial video server product used to manage video streaming.  When a new video chat device is purchased and connected to the buyer’s WiFi network, the device connects to the cloud server, and allows the user to create an account on the server application.  The user can link the device to his or her account, and if they already own a device, they can add their new device to an existing account.

A web client that runs in standard web browsers allows users to initiate calls to their device, and set up a two-way video streaming session.  The user can also remotely trigger functions on their device via the web client.  Similarly, users can use an iOS app for their iPhone or iPad, allowing users to set up two-way video calls with their chat devices.

The web server ensures that users are provided with calling plans or other functionality consistent with the user’s subscription level.  Integration to a standard e-commerce server (Magento) allows users to buy subscriptions to new services.  Wowza is used to facilitate two-way streaming between the client applications and the video devices.  Video clips can be captured and stored on the Wowza server, and shared with friends.  Cayugasoft also built management tools, to allow supervisory users to manage devices remotely, and monitor their health.

With today’s off-the-shelf video server technology and mobile devices, exciting new video applications are within reach, and these can be created for a fraction of what this would have cost in the past.

Please contact Cayugasoft and we’ll help you brainstorm and develop a video application that will help your business stand out from the crowd!