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iOS Video How-to

Mobile Development, Software development, Video Streaming / 14.03.20171 comments

Hi! My name is Sergii Simakhin and I’m an iOS software engineer at Cayugasoft since end of 2013.

I love to create great native iOS apps of any level of complexity because it’s a challenge for me every time I start a new project 😀. Working at Cayugasoft, some of my projects contained media features like streaming / converting / trimming videos, music, data from camera / microphone, mixing all of them, etc. So I decided to tell you the basics of merging videos using AVFoundation.

To be honest, this is not as easy as it looks. But it’s not quite hell.

The example I’ll show you will be written with Objective-C, the language that I’ve really loved working with since 2013.


Why you need a prototype for your app development

Mobile Development, Software development, Web Development / 11.11.20160 comments

Being involved in software development for US-based startups and entrepreneurs, we’d like to share our experience in how to set up your process to successfully bring your app idea to life.


When you brainstorm ideas for a software solution for your business, it’s time to start thinking over its implementation. An idea is only the first step on your journey.


Native Development vs. Cross Platform Tools

Mobile Development / 25.03.20160 comments

When we’re in discussions with a client about developing a new mobile app, it’s usually not long before the question comes up: “What technologies do you want to use for this app?” Some clients may have already selected the technology they prefer, and normally that settles the question—we use what they want to use. But when the client doesn’t have a strong point of view on this, they normally ask for our recommendations.