We are pleased to announce our merge with EGO CREATIVE INNOVATIONS LIMITED which takes place officially on June 1, 2019. We decided to seek to grow our practice through a merge because it will allow us to provide a wider array of services and more depth. For any question you can always find us here.

Effective Software Teams forSmall and Medium Enterprises

  • Set up a cost-effective Agile Tech Team in just 3 Weeks
  • Reduce Time to Recruit Outstanding Tech Staff
  • Optimize Onboarding Process
  • Manage Software Development Process, Integrated with Inhouse Workflow and Product Roadmap

Here is What We Do


Recruiting a great offshore team quickly is difficult. You need it now and can’t dedicate a lot of time for interviewing. Let us help you to select the best professionals, provide you a short list of candidates and choose the best fit for your team


Your team can spend days setting up their environment and getting new hires up to speed. We can do it much easier and faster! Let us help to optimize your involvement and decrease the time needed before the team starts producing for you


To produce stable and predictable releases, a tech team must have a dev process, including testing and deployment to production. Let us take care of jump-starting your development workflow and educating your team on it


It is important for you to effectively allocate resources on a daily basis and track progress. Let us provide you with project management help, so you can concentrate on strategic planning rather than day-to-day, tactical tasks


You have a huge backlog of tasks and your tech team is overwhelmed. In addition to providing your with a dedicated offshore team, we can help you with a variety of technologies for a resource boost when needed


Once your application is live, you need someone to manage your servers, storage and databases, and keep you application running smoothly as you scale. Let our experience help to manage applications and infrastructure for you

Who Can Find Help with Cayugasoft?

Tech Lead

Management is easier if you manage the right people, let us help you to build your software development dream team

CTO & VP Engineering

Focus on your tech strategy, knowing that your day-to-day development process is delivering reliably. Let us help you to balance between peaks and valleys in your workload

Founder & CEO

Running a business is hard. Let us do manage software development for you, so you can focus on strategy and sales and marketing instead

The Latest Works

Enterprise Content Management System for Logistics

DocuGain is a lightweight DM solution targeting SMBs, and allows its customers to store and retrieve documents with metadata

Team: BA, Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, Scrum Master, QA Engineer, Web Developer, Mobile Developer

Duration: Summer 2017 – Present


B2C Healthcare Marketplace

The platform is designed to connect healthcare professionals with their clients, allowing them to book, and pay all within the platform

Platform roles: Healthcare Professional, Client, System Admin.

Team: BA, Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, Scrum Master, QA Engineer, Web Developers

Duration: Spring 2016 – Present


Customers Who Trust Us

Questions & Answers

How big is your team?​

In 2019 the team consists of 70 professionals including Web/Mobile developers, QAs, UI/UX Designers, PMs and BAs, Scrum Masters and Marketers.

How do you communicate with Clients on daily basis?

We use several channels to collaborate with Clients: Slack to chat, Zoom for conferences and JIRA/Confluence for project management.

How do you manage projects?

We can use your preferred tools, but we ourselves use the Atlassian stack to manage projects (JIRA+Confluence). “Scrum Ceremonies” allow us to track metrics of process effectiveness, and constantly improve them.

Can your staff speak fluent English?

Fluent English is a top requirement for everyone. The team attends in-house training so they are able to participate in remote or on-site tech meetings.

What is the hiring process?

Hiring starts with composing the list of required skill. Then up to 5 chosen candidates pass tech and personality tests. Finally, the Client approves the best candidate.

How much time do you need to set up a tech team?

We need 3 weeks to set up a tech team of 2-3 mid-level developers. The timeline depends on a tech stack and professional level required.

How long does it take to hire a professional?

Hiring & Onboarding may take up to 5 weeks depending on the complexity of tech and personality tests, tech stack and availability to interview pre-approved candidates.

Where are you located?

Cayugasoft LLC is a US-based Custom Software Development Company with representative offices in Spain and two R&D offices in Eastern Europe.

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