Cayugasoft Technologies LLC is a custom software development company that works with entrepreneurial companies and medium-sized businesses to create innovative web and mobile software products at a reasonable cost. Our approach, and our years of experience with entrepreneurial companies, makes us ideal for clients who want to quickly create a new, high-quality software product, and for established companies that want to strengthen their development teams with assigned resources.


At Cayugasoft we understand that all businesses are different, so we work with each client to tailor our services and approach to their needs.

Why can we beat most other development firms?

  • Solutions and results orientation – We take ownership for delivering your project, from start to finish. We don’t just provide “bodies”. 
  • Being in your shoes – as a small company whose founders have been involved with several venture-backed companies, we know how to survive and evolve in a highly competitive business.
  • Making the offshore development process work – Our staff have strong English languages skills, and great experience with Agile software development processes. We know how to take a product from concept to delivery.


Development Strategy

Our founders have been involved with startups and venture-backed companies all over the US since 1999. We can help you plot out a development strategy, including your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), release plan, and monetization plan.

Mobile, Web, Server side Development

We have a large staff of talented developers with experience in solutions in mobile, web and server-side development. A great app also needs a great back-end, and we have a team of skilled back-end developers too.

Quality Assurance

Some development firms don’t emphasize QA sufficiently. They have the developers QA their own code, or have the Project Manager perform ad-hoc QA. We have a professional QA department that will test your app and ensure that it meets your targeted quality levels, and also check that it looks good on all of your targeted devices and platforms.

User Interface and Graphic Design

We have a UI team and passionate designers who can provide your app with an outstanding look and feel. Or, if you prefer, we can work with your favorite designer and integrate them into our team.


Great communication and project management, pretty good with deadlines (I know software development always requires some flexibility), and yes, I felt a willingness to help find a solution when something unforeseen happened, and I certainly appreciate that. It also seemed that the philosophy of the company was aligned with mine. You know your stuff and you are easy to work with.

BrigitteFounder of US based Marketplace


I’ve worked with CayugaSoft for almost 5 years now; on a variety of projects for several different companies. They consistently prove to be very knowledgeable, very affordable, and most importantly, they get the job done quickly and effectively every time. Whether it’s mobile or web, app or game, engineering or project management, CayugaSoft has been a blast to work with and is the perfect development partner to work with.

Matt RodgersDirector of App Studio, WildTangent, Inc.


Cayuga developed an iOS app for our healthcare suit. The developer on the project was highly qualified, efficient, always available, and responsive. The project management was non-intrusive and helpful. Overall – a very positive experience.

Gregory Katz Cofounder, nTreatment


HIPAA software compliance tips

Healthcare / 30.05.2017 0 comments

We’ve been working on several healthcare application development projects for both web and mobile.  We’d  love to show some detailed case studies once the new products are live, but for now, we’ve analyzed the specifics of web development in this business vertical and have some tips on developing  HIPAA compliant software:

iOS Video How-to

Mobile Development / 14.03.2017 1 comments

To be honest, this is not as easy as it looks. But it’s not quite hell. The example I’ll show you will be written with Objective-C, the language that I’ve really loved working with since 2013.

How to use OAuth2 from the third-party providers

Mobile Development / 23.01.2017 0 comments

The main purpose of the authorization using third-party service providers is to obtain access to their APIs for users of our application. At its most basic level, we can simplify registration and login processes. In more complex cases, we can, for example, change user data, or subscribe to his/her notifications and obtain them for use […]

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