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Why you need a prototype for your app development

Mobile Development, Software development, Web Development / 11.11.20160 comments

Being involved in software development for US-based startups and entrepreneurs, we’d like to share our experience in how to set up your process to successfully bring your app idea to life.


When you brainstorm ideas for a software solution for your business, it’s time to start thinking over its implementation. An idea is only the first step on your journey.


Configuring Multiple Environments for Angular.js using grunt-ng-constant

Web Development / 22.06.20160 comments


Hi there! Today I’d like to talk about the useful tool for Angular developers – grunt-ng-constant. But first, let me say a couple of words about Angular development and environments in general.



Web Development / 19.04.20160 comments

Hey there,

Recently our web dev Ruslan Bekenev was stricken by an idea to tell about his experience with Traceroute implementation. What came out of it? Find out in this blog post.


You heard about traceroute command line tool for sure, as for me it was really interesting to get to know how it works, and implement basic functionality.


11 reasons to choose Drupal instead of WordPress

Web Development / 19.04.20160 comments


Drupal along with WordPress are very popular content management systems (CMS) with open source code. Each of them has its own community, a huge number of free modules / plugins, themes and lots of ready-made solutions to create a fully functional website. Both CMSs are acknowledged to be one of the most popular engines in the world for the website development. Each of them has its own set of pros and cons, some of which will be described below.


Creation of extended functionality for the basic CKEditor in Drupal 8*

Web Development / 19.04.20167 comments


CKEditor is one of the best, if not the best, editor for website content. To learn more about it please check the official documentation by following the link.

Drupal 8 in its basic version has built-in CKEditor with minimal basic functionality to edit the text.

Example of CKEditor functionality after installation of Drupal 8.