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iOS Video How-to

Mobile Development, Software development, Video Streaming / 14.03.20171 comments

Hi! My name is Sergii Simakhin and I’m an iOS software engineer at Cayugasoft since end of 2013.

I love to create great native iOS apps of any level of complexity because it’s a challenge for me every time I start a new project 😀. Working at Cayugasoft, some of my projects contained media features like streaming / converting / trimming videos, music, data from camera / microphone, mixing all of them, etc. So I decided to tell you the basics of merging videos using AVFoundation.

To be honest, this is not as easy as it looks. But it’s not quite hell.

The example I’ll show you will be written with Objective-C, the language that I’ve really loved working with since 2013.


Cloud-based Video Streaming System for Specialized Video Devices

Internet of Things, Video Streaming / 25.03.20160 comments

Years ago, when Internet video first emerged, the technology seemed like magic. It was a challenging technology to master, and the results were still grainy, jerky, and unreliable. But just seeing Internet video, as primitive as it was, made us imagine the exciting applications that might one day result. Today, Internet video is everywhere. The quality is great, and huge new businesses are being built on Internet video. And even if you’re not an Internet video pure-play, you need to consider how to incorporate Internet video into your operations and marketing, in order to keep pace with your competitors.